Style Quiz: Which Animal is Your Decorating Patronus?

published Nov 19, 2015
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(Image credit: Nathan Michael)

Do you have trouble pinning down your style profile into “organic modern” or “classic glam”? Maybe you need to re-frame your forays into style introspection and start to think about it the Harry Potter way: What’s your Patronus?

Take our quiz to determine which animal you have the most in common with in regards to your taste and habits when you’re decorating. Keep track of your answers and meet us at the bottom of the post to tally it up.

Where do you turn for decor inspiration?

A. Pinterest
B. Avant-garde hotels and famous people’s homes
C. Shelter magazines
D. I kind of do my own thing, I guess

What are your favorite design elements?

A. Dark wood, warm metallics and white linens
B. Bold patterns, vivid color… whatever feels glam
C. Clean lines and classic pieces
D. Collections and natural objects

What are you obsessed with right now?

A. Brass fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen
B. Big (really big!) abstract art
C. Finding just the right thing for this one spot in the living room…
D. The new (to me) throw I scored antique shopping

(Image credit: Taryn Williford)

Which of these house tours speaks to you the most?

Where do you like to shop?

A. CB2, West Elm, Pottery Barn
B. Designer showrooms
C. Thrift stores & antique shops
D. Everywhere; most of my treasures are things I’ve collected traveling

What do your friends say about your style?

A. “Your house looks like a magazine.”
B. “I feel like I’m at a cool art gallery.”
C. “Come decorate my place, please.”
D. “It’s always so cozy in here.”

What are you most likely to indulge in?

A. The perfect wallpaper
B. A big, drippy chandelier
C. The designer sofa I’ve wanted since I was 19
D. A wooden four-post bed

How do you usually plan out a room?

A. I look at a lot of inspiration images to see what other people have done
B. It’s usually lots of layering; I keep adding things until it feels finished
C. Floor plan software and drawing mockups, plus lots of trial and error
D. I just combine all the things I love and it seems to work out

Who is Your Decorating Patronus?

Tally your answers to each question by the letter. If you answered…

Mostly A’s: Your Patronus is a PANDA.

Your style can definitely be described as cute. You’re enthusiastic about decorating, and put a lot of effort into grooming the way your home looks. You love clean, modern shapes and keeping up with trends. Likely style guide for pandas: Warm Industrial

Mostly B’s: Your Patronus is a PEACOCK

Your middle name is glam. For you, a home is a place to indulge, so you love to decorate with big, bold, statement-making pieces. It’s all about showing off. You’re crazy creative and love to express yourself through avenues like fashion and decorating. Likely style guide for peacocks: Classic Glam

Mostly C’s: Your Patronus is a FOX

You love to hunt down a bargain, and you have a very sharp sense of what you like and don’t like. For you, decorating is a strategic endeavor. You’re independent and confident in your tastes. Your friends consider you a knowledgable influencer. Likely style guide for foxes: Organic Modern

Mostly D’s: Your Patronus is a HORSE

You’re earthy and free. You want a warm place to call home, but always feel the need to escape. You like to collect things you love and keep them displayed for everyone to see. You take your relationships very seriously and you know your home is one way you can share yourself with others. Likely style guide for horses: Eclectic Collector

So tell us… what’s your Patronus?