9 Basics from Amazon (Starting at $6) that Prop Stylists Swear By

published Oct 13, 2019
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Credit: Kim Marcelo

Believe it or not, even boring basics can look good in your apartment—it just takes a little digging.

We called on two of our favorite prop stylists, Kaylei McGaw and Robin Zachary, to find out what seemingly humdrum home essentials they’re buying for their homes on Amazon. And the good news is they had lots of surprisingly stylish items to share.

From fridge bins to toilet brushes, here are nine stylist-recommended home staples you can order today on Amazon. 

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Copco Kitchen Storage Bin

“Since I’m a juicing freak, I like to store my veggies in a ready to grab fridge bin that I can bring over to the juicer in the morning,” Zachary says. “This one is clear, has handles, and is just the right size for my smaller apartment sized fridge.”

Buy: Copco Kitchen Storage Bin, $13.99

Credit: Amazon

Joseph Joseph Drawer Organizer for Cutlery and Knives

The only thing better than a sleek utensil organizer is one that works in even the smallest of spaces. “This is literally the only utensil organizer that fits my unusually small kitchen drawer,” McGaw says of this slender, stacked cutlery and knives organizer set

Buy: Joseph Joseph Drawer Organizer for Cutlery and Knives, $29.95

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Muji Desk Broom Set with Dustpan

“I just love the Muji store and brand for its minimal and clean modern design,” Zachary says. “This tiny sweeper has a slim profile and is perfect for picking up crumbs after eating lunch on my desk or on set. It snaps together and stores completely flat on a hook in my tiny kitchen and I can toss it in my styling kit, too.” 

Buy: Muji Desk Broom Set with Dustpan, $14

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ArderLive Portable Flatware Set

“We use utensils every single day, so why not decrease your carbon footprint and get yourself a reusable set?” McGaw says: “These are so small and light that I swear it will never ‘burden’ your hand bag. And these come in a cute brass and black finish—so that you won’t get them confused with your lunch date’s.” 

Buy: ArderLive Portable Stainless Steel Flatware Set, $10.99

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Iris USA 17-Quart Clear Storage Box

“Uniform-looking, stackable storage is key in my space, so I was happy to find a clear box and buy it in multiples,” Zachary says. “Talking about storage, I’m nutty about organizing things by type and color so being able to see into the box is important to me. These are perfect for holding everything I need to store from party goods, to ribbons to greeting cards.”

Buy: Iris USA 17-Quart Clear Storage Box (Pack of 12), $ 54.99

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mDesign Extra Slim Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder

Why buy an ugly, old-fashioned toilet brush when you can have an unnoticeable one instead? This minimalist-style toilet brush is slim enough to squeeze into any sliver of bathroom space and is “basically invisible,” McGaw says. 

Buy: mDesign Extra Slim Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder, $9.99

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Globe Electric 9-Foot Fabric Extension Cord

If you thought there was no such things as a stylish electric cord, then it’s time to think again. “This is definitely not the most boring cord,” says McGaw of this eye-catching zigzag-patterned fabric extension cord

Buy: Globe Electric 9-Foot Fabric Extension Cord, $5.99

Credit: Amazon

FHSQX Closet & Door Hanging Organizer

“I don’t have a bathroom closet so this organizer is great for storing all those important little items that you need at the ready in your bathroom like skin care, makeup and hair clips,” Zachary says. “I like to hang it on the back of the door and I can throw it in my bedroom closet when I have guests over. It’s a great styling kit organizer too.”

Buy: FHSQX Closet & Door Hanging Organizer, $8.99

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Nandae Magnetic Fridge Organizer

If you’re working with little to no kitchen storage space, then McGaw has the solution for you. This magnetic organizer creates instant storage opportunity on the side of your refrigerator, and “also works great on the side of a washing machine, a gym locker, or a file cabinet,” she says. 

Buy: Nandae Magnetic Fridge Organizer, $25.99