Better Safe Than Sorry: Design Friendly Safety Devices

Better Safe Than Sorry: Design Friendly Safety Devices

Jeff Heaton
Feb 2, 2012

Safety devices are generally very utilitarian looking, serving their purpose with little attention to appearances. But if you've got a room looking perfectly stylish a smoke detector might stick out like a sore thumb. We've looked into some more stylish options for at home safety.

1. Chick-a-dee ($75)
The Chick-a-dee is a smoke detector that's shaped like a bird resting on a twig. Inspired by the American black capped chickadee, it sings out with the bird's signature call at the first sign of smoke. We like that we'd never have to hear that ear piercing shrill again if we replaced all of our detectors with these. The device comes in white, white with black base, pink and blue.

2. Samsung SHS-3120 ($199)
Usually when you buy a lock you have only a couple possible customizations. Brass or some form of silver? Which company? The Samsung SHS-3120 looks like something Tony Stark might have at home. Just replace your usual lock and pass out the cards or ID codes to your family and you're set. No lock picking is going to work on that. And if you don't like the idea of RFID tags or codes, you could control your locks via cell phone with the Schlage LiNK system.

3. Autonomous Security Camera (DIY)
Tiny, mobile and easy to use, the Autonomous Security Camera is a DIY project with golf-ball-like stylings. It kind of reminds us of the ball at Epcot in that futuristic sort of way. And it works well, taking a quick snapshot to let you know everything is a-OK at your place. Which is really all you need to keep an eye on Fido or the babysitter. Just email it and it'll shoot a quick picture for you. If you don't have access to a 3D printer the concept works well in just about any plastic shell.

4. Tweeting Laser Tripwire (DIY)
Sure you could use it to inform you if someone approaches your house, but it also works well to ensure somebody doesn't get into something they shouldn't — like a kid in your workshop. While not too expensive, you will need a few technical skills to put it together. We like that it can also be rigged up to take a picture. Caught, hand in the cookie jar style.

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