Stylish Storage: 10 Smart Ways to Organize Your Pantry

published Feb 7, 2014
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For years I’ve coveted pantries, and now that I have one… it’s kind of a mess. Keeping a well-stocked pantry user-friendly is definitely a challenge, but the wisest minds online are here to help…

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From across the web, here are some of the best ideas for keeping your pantry organized. You’ll never spend 15 minutes digging around for the sugar ever again.

  1. Open + Industrial Perhaps the best way to keep your pantry looking its best? Make it public. If you have to look at it everyday, chances are you’ll be more inclined to treat it right. This industrial chic pantry from Country Living is so beyond my abilities right now, but perhaps someday…
  2. Pretty Plastic Bags Martha Stewart’s got a tutorial to make this streamlined bag holder — so much better than the rats’ nest under my sink.
  3. Or Just Use Mailing Tubes! Skip the sewing and stick your grocery bags in cardboard mailing tubes, and smaller bags in paper towel tubes, a la In My Own Style.
  4. Corral Odd Shapes Canned goods are easy to stack, but cookie cutters and edible spray paint can create absolute chaos. Better Homes & Gardens sticks them all in bins and clear containers.
  5. Baskets As Drawers If you’re considering the expensive process of installing drawers in your pantry, consider BH&G’s suggestion to use baskets instead. They’re affordable, readily available, and can be painted easily.
  6. Spicy Storage I’ve yet to figure out how to keep my many herbs and spices organized — back-of-the-pantry-door racks like House185’s might be the best idea yet.
  7. Hold Your Rolls I saw this mesh pantry caddy from Amazon featured on a few home design blogs, and I love the idea of filling it with my often-used foil, parchment, twine, and scissors.
  8. Lid Racks Or use the back of the door to store notoriously un-organizable pot lids. Worthing Court featured a pantry with custom-build pot lid storage, but towel bars could be used as well.
  9. Keep Stocked I love lists so I love this: Martha Stewart suggests keeping a list in your pantry so you can easily jot down staples you’re running low on.
  10. Not-So-Lazy Susans I have to admit: Lazy Susans stress me out. However, I also have to admit how handy they are, especially when used as House Logic did to make the most of awkward corner space.