Stylish Table Lamp Chandelier: 3 Tertials to the Rescue

Stylish Table Lamp Chandelier: 3 Tertials to the Rescue

Range Govindan
May 2, 2011

This isn't the first time that we've come across a chandelier made out of table lamps, but it's definitely one of the better looking ones. While some of these table lamp hacks can look quite complicated, there is a certain beauty and simplicity attached to this chandelier. If you end up using too many table lamps, the resulting chandelier can look cluttered.

The six-armed Tertial chandelier we mentioned almost two years ago was distinctive but achieving a clean look with this one was problematic. To create the above six-armed chandelier also took a lot of time. It also means that the electrical wiring could get complex.

Jason created this combo chandelier from three IKEA Tertial work lamps. Using three lamps instead of six cuts down on the visual clutter significantly. These lamps have been fixed upside down to create the chandelier. The Tertial lamps are quite cheap, costing $8.99 each, meaning that the resulting light fixture is quite affordable. Jason's goal was to create a cheap, classy, and beautiful lighting fixture. He uses a dimmer to make the whole thing adjustable.

The trick to this lamp is the base, which he made out of plywood. The base is made out of a ring and disk, which were glued together. This creates a hollow base for all of the electrical wiring. You'll have to drill three holes for the lamps and one for the screw that will attach the base to the ceiling. To hold all of the lamps together, he used a bicycle wheel spoke, but any kind of metal wiring can be used for this.

This chandelier is a sharp contrast to the six-armed Tertial we mentioned before. Using six arms makes the chandelier look like something out of science-fiction or that belongs in A Clockwork Orange. The arms were also mounted the opposite way, meaning that they would be arching down towards the floor. This could create problems if your ceiling isn't high enough.

Another favorite of ours is the Mason Jar chandelier. It was put together using a IKEA Kroken utensil rack and an Hemma cord set. The Tertial chandelier has the benefit of being cheaper, but the Mason Jar chandelier will certainly pop in anyone's home.

(via Ikeahackers, images by Jason and Matthew Katz)

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