Styro-Home? The Stryofoam Couch

Styro-Home? The Stryofoam Couch

Gregory Han
Jan 18, 2008

We've seen styrofoam chandeliers before, so why not a styrofoam couch? Well of course, there's all those annoying bits of fallen off foam that will static cling onto anyone who sits on it. But perhaps this could be pulled out specifically for certain guests whose visit you'd like to ensure is a short one?

Don't worry...this is only an art project. Kwangho Lee created the couch using large sheets of recycled styrofoam and we'll unlikely see this sort of environmental tragedy being offered as a consumer product.

What is interesting about the concept is how light this seating would be for its size, while also being structurally very strong and supportive. Structured foam can support a lot of weight, and we wonder if this was remade using corn or potato starch bioplastics or sugarcane fiber, whether this could actually be a viable, low cost furnishing solution. Instead of throwing away MDF, college students and those on a budget could simply break up their unwanted furniture into recyclable and compost-friendly materials. It would definitely need a slip cover though. [via UberReview]

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