Submit Your Toddler's Science Questions!

Submit Your Toddler's Science Questions!

Tammy Everts
Nov 2, 2009

That picture right there is of my four-year-old, Sam. As adorable as he is, I'm posting it to draw your attention to our kitchen chalkboard behind him. Among other things, it serves as a place to record his many science-related questions when we don't have time to look them up right away. This list gets longer by the day, which is why I was beyond thrilled to see Boing Boing's new feature: Science Question from a Toddler.

Boing Boing writer Maggie Koerth-Baker will be fielding questions at least once a month. She lays out the parameters:

The child does not have to be your own. Questions do not have to be cute or "Kids Say the Darndest Things-ish" in any way. They do not even have to be current. (Baby boomers, got a query that's been nagging at you since 1975? I don't care if the toddler is now in their 30s, send the question!) All I'm looking for are things you can't answer off the top of your head and don't feel like researching yourself. Easy stuff!

So go ahead, submit those burning science-related questions! Sam and I already have.*

*Why is poop brown? We really need to know.

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