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Success Stories: Real Reader Feedback on The January Cure

published Jan 1, 2015
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My new year’s prediction for you: a clean and organized home by the end of the month. It’s totally doable when you tackle it one day at a time, little by little, and we’re here to help. The 2015 January Cure is about to start, so sign up now and get ready to get your home in the best shape ever. Still unsure? Check this real reader feedback – if I can’t convince you that YOU’VE GOT THIS, maybe they can. It’s fast, fun (mostly) and free (totally) so, what are you waiting for?

I have been organizationally challenged for years. After reading countless books and articles on the subject, trying lots of seemingly fool-proof methods only to slip back into my old ways weeks later, I became convinced I just had to embrace my messy side and move on…UNTIL I joined the January Cure last year. I was skeptical. I was nervous. I secretly dreaded another “failure.” Was my mother “right” after all when she observed I really was too susceptible to daily distractions and probably wouldn’t follow through to completion? Well…that was just the incentive I needed to try once more to get my life in order. And, who would have thought…by the end of January I had completed a bathroom redo (started 9 years ago!) I purged my surroundings of clutter, making room for the new projects I was eager to take on, and celebrated in early February with a high tea for 25. Most important The Cure provided me with the tools I continue to use to keep myself on track. Will I be joining again in January? You bethcha!!! – Celia Suzanne

We did the cure last year and it absolutely improved our home and overall quality of life. Even though a year has gone by I still feel the impact: we’ll be starting from a better place this year than we were last year. Looking forward to a refresher! – Anniebdw

Did this last year for the first time., and it really helped get us focused and taking action. Looking forward to giving ourselves another boost! – cmcinnyc

Yay! This will be my third Cure, and I’m looking forward to it. We’ve made really noticeable changes from the last two, and I’ve already started thinking about what my project for the month will be! – astroande

I keep a Cure notebook. Every time I sign up for a Cure, I use the notebook to journal the process and experience. I make lists, keep notes, measurements, etc. I also record the ‘feelings’ part of the Cure: if I feel dreadful before a particular step, I allow myself to experience it and spend some time trying to figure out why. Of course the best part is recording all the great feelings after completing a particular step — how I repeatedly go to that room or spot to enjoy it, how its propelling me to make more changes in other areas of my life etc.

I love to go back and read about my old Cure experiences. Not only does it mentally prepare me for the work ahead and the time and energy commitment, it also reminds me of how much work I have done, and how much love and care I do give to my home (even though I sometimes feel otherwise). – bcgirl

I did the January cure last year, and (apart from other huge benefits) ended up with the most beautiful family room that we all still enjoy every single day. Can’t wait to tackle my dining room and office this time! – Erlanga Eva

Last year the cure was the magic that made all our friends say “You’ve only lived here a month?? Your apartment looks more put together than ours and we’ve lived here a year!” So while I don’t have as many things I know we need to tackle this year, I’m looking forward to pushing forward towards something even better. – erinwdesign

The first assignment goes out tomorrow, Friday, January 2nd – see you then!