Check Out This Pastel Christmas Tree Made of Succulents

updated Dec 11, 2019
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Credit: JIB Liverpool/Shutterstock

For the holiday enthusiasts who eagerly commence to decorating trees as soon as the last trick-or-treaters finish making their rounds, we don’t mean to minimize your annual dedication, but this festive individual who grew succulents to create the coolest pastel-themed tree deserves some special acknowledgment.

The creator of the charming tree shared photos of the completed project on Reddit, to the delight of all the commenters who praised the adorable succulent. The tiny tree was the creator’s successful attempt at celebrated photojournalist and gardening expert Debra Lee Baldwin’s DIY YouTube tutorial, which is clearly the way to ensure your festive decor is nothing short of #treegoals. 

For her version, she recommends a sphagnum moss topiary cone, approximately 200 cuttings that measure one inch in diameter, floral pins, a chopstick or Phillips screwdriver to make holes in the moss and clippers for trimming the stems. That method basically entails making holes in the moss, then inserting the cuttings and using the floral pins to secure them. According to Baldwin, the succulent is relatively low maintenance, requiring only top-to-bottom watering on a weekly basis, exposure to bright light and occasional trimming as needed. Obviously, there’s a little more upkeep involved in the succulent as opposed to the most popular Christmas tree varieties or obviously any of the faux trees, but the results are certainly worth the extra attention. 

This awesome display also makes a nice alternative, especially since we’re in the midst of a Christmas tree shortage. In the meantime, take a look-see at our tips on succulent care to keep your plans thriving and prepared to be on full display for the holidays.