This Succulent Looks Like It’s Trying To Give You A Bear Hug

updated Jun 14, 2020
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Cotyledon Tomentosa, succulent
Credit: yuanj/

It’s safe to say that most of us could really use a hug right now. And this adorable little succulent is trying to let you know that it cares. Dubbed the “Bear Paw” succulent, it’s fuzzy claw leaves look as if the plant is trying to reach out a helping hand, or embrace you in a big bear hug.

Known scientifically as Cotyledon Tomentosa, the bear paw features thick leaves that each boast three to ten “teeth” or “claws” that turn red with “happily stressed,” as Succulents and Sunshine says. Growing your bear paw in full sunlight does the trick, however, it will also do well in partial shade.

Like it’s fellow succulents, bear paws are easy to grow and don’t require much water. As long as it’s warm and bathed in sun, it will continue to grow more paws ready for petting.

Although, don’t pet your bear paw too hard. The leaves are very delicate and can fall off at the slightest touch. You can propagate the plant using these leaves, though Succulents and Sunshine reports that the success rate of propagating bear paws from leaves is fairly low.

You’ll have much more success propagating bear paw with cuttings. This variety can grow about a foot tall and two feet wide, so feel free to cut a few stems, let them dry for a couple days, and then plant them in dry soil.

Bear paw succulents are available to buy online from Amazon and Etsy sellers, or you may be able to find a bear paw at your local plant shop. If you need a bit of extra comfort in your life, adding a bear paw succulent to your collection is a must.