Dirt Devil Featherlite Vacuum

Dirt Devil Featherlite Vacuum

Campbell Faulkner
Aug 11, 2010

Product: Dirt Devil Featherlite Bagless Upright
Cost: $ 50.00
Rating: Strong Recommend

We've featured some of the most high tech and expensive vacuums available, but if you're like us, our budget doesn't allow for the luxury of a wishlist luxury like a Dyson vacuum. But our budget does allow us the capable services of the Dirt Devil Breeze Bagless Upright, a model that can do most of what a Dyson can do, yet only cost only $50.00.

The Featherlite Bagless's simplicity is startling for a modern vacuum. It includes no fancy attachments, has very few moving parts, and assembles with a Phillips head screwdriver. Assembly took roughly 20 minutes and most of it was spent unpacking the vacuum from its box. This means even a ham fisted instruction burner should find it easy to deal with.

How Does it Suck? Surprisingly the suction was extremely strong when the vacuum was first turned on. Our house is consistently covered in kitty hair (we vacuum twice a week), but the Dirt Devil was able to remove a considerable amount of hair and dirt in a single pass. When the filter was clean and the canister at a manageable level, the vacuum had the same amount of suction as a Dyson. This obviously diminishes as the filter ages and the canister becomes full, but a quick emptying of our canister brought the vacuum back.

Gross dust, hair, and dirt to illustrate the cleaning power of the Featherlite
Bear in mind with an inexpensive vacuum like this one that it is not meant to be a professional level of power or suction (I would not trust the breeze to hold a bowling bowl with its suction) . But, We found it more than adequate to clean our apartment in a thorough fashion. The best thing we can say about the vacuum is that it is simple. The simplicity meant nothing snapped, stopped working, or made us chuck the vacuum off of our balcony. That is saying a lot considering how often we clean.

Maintenance: All vacuums require regular maintenance to function properly. The Dirt Devil's regimen consists of checking the brush belt, emptying the dirt bin, and changing the filter every 6 months. If those steps are followed, you should see years of dust bunny sucking and pet hair retrieval.

Storage: Upright vacuums are not the most compact things to keep around an apartment. In a limited space, this vacuum might be a tad large to comfortably cram into a closet. It is not a huge device; it just is not that compact either. We were able to store it in a front coat closet in our house without too much hassle. If you were to store it out in your home, just remember to keep it clean. The Featherlite is no beauty, but the red plastic shell and black accents make it a 7.5 out of 10 in the looks department.

Under feline inspection, the Featherlite shows off its thin frame, which makes closet storage a cinch.

Pros: Affordable, excellent suction, durable design, easy to clean and fix
Cons: Filter must be replaced every 6 months; plasticky, but so is a Dyson.

Bottom Line:
For the money this is one of the best deals on a vacuum out there. If taken care of, this vacuum can provide years of service and rid your house of filth. We suggest you take a look especially if you are not in the market for a high-end vacuum.

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