Suggestions For Decor To Work With Wall Colors?

Q: Please Help my livingroom! I am trying to decorate my first place and it’s just not fitting very well. I’m having several problems with the design and I’m frozen with fear of decorating. I really like the wall colors but don’t feel like the wood fireplace and trim go well with the wall colors.

Problems I’m having: I like the chartreuce and gray palate walls and a modern look, but I feel like the orangy tone of the wood trim and fireplace isn’t jiving. I’m scared to paint the fireplace white because it is a nice oak and once it’s painted you can’t go back. Or should i? should I change the wall colors instead? The red couch is older and I was thinking of upgrading to a wool gray modern couch if it would go better. Or maybe black or white leather? Or is the red couch fine and I do something to incorporate red into the palate of the room?

We obviously need some storage in the living room. Should I do fireplace flanking buffet bases? Or bookshelf/cubbies? If so, what color? I’m scared to add more ‘orange’ but am not sure if white, gray, or dark colored wood (from table) would look good either. The corner by the fireplace is a tension spot for me. I think it’s the mixture between the accent wall, the dark gray wall and the light gray wall. Should I paint the light gray wall the darker color? Or maybe when I put a buffet/bookcase there it will look better? Right now there is just clutter in the corner and it’s not helping.

I’ve purchased some canvases (above the fireplace) that I plan on painting a modern abstract incorporating the colors of the room and having it be a very ‘textual’ piece to add some texture to the room. But I’m frozen because I don’t know if I should paint the fireplace, paint the walls, replace the couch, or if I should just leave all as is and force everything to jive.

Sent by: Melinda

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