Suggestions for the Best Cat-Proof Window & Sliding Glass Door Coverings?

published Mar 1, 2016
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Q: We are currently proud pawrents to a 9-month-old Highland Lynx cat. Her boisterous personality has brought us much joy, but has also presented us with numerous home decorating dilemmas, chief of which is window dressing.

We currently live in a rental apartment in New York City that came with aluminum blinds reminiscent of 1980s corporate America. Unfortunately, our cat is very fond of playing with the blinds: when we keep the blinds up, she would chew on the blind strings; when we keep the blinds down, she would paw the blinds repeatedly as if it’s the most fun thing in the world. Both behaviors drive us nuts, and have lead us to consider our window dressing options for our new home. We will be moving to sunny Singapore soon, and we have to decide what to put over our windows…

We have south facing floor-to-ceiling windows, and sliding glass doors that open up to a balcony. While I know it sounds really tempting during this winter season, tropical Singapore is sweltering and balmy. Direct sunshine during the day heats the apartment up like a greenhouse, and we would like a solution that allows us to keep light out during the night as well as when we are at work (which will help tremendously with heat management since double-glazed windows are strangely uncommon in Singapore).

We are not keen on blinds as we don’t want a repeat of our daily battle with our cat over the blinds, nor do we think curtains is a good idea (we can already see her tearing the entire thing down on Day 1). What options do we have? -Sent by Window Worrier

Editor: Just a reminder to everyone: If you would like to use a pet-related pun in your question, please include a photo of an adorable puppy. I don’t make the rules! Anyway, Window Worrier, that is a very good question, and I hope that our wise readers have plenty of suggestions for you, that your move to Singapore is painless, and that your new life there is lovely and sunny (but not too sunny). Readers, please help!

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