Suitcase Turntable: An Adorable Solution for the Audiophobe

Suitcase Turntable: An Adorable Solution for the Audiophobe

Tess Wilson
Feb 1, 2011

Sometimes whining pays off. I recently lamented the fact that I had no way to listen to music and casually mentioned that I was pining for a suitcase record player. Soon after, a dear friend presented me with a delightfully simple and stylishly old-timey portable turntable for my birthday, and I couldn't be happier...

Records are my preferred music-delivery system, but it seemed hopeless that I'd ever have a simple (for me), managable (for me), lovely-to-look at way to listen to them. I try to avoid being willfully ignorant, but the thought of learning about receivers, speakers, ins & outs, and all those wires sounds horrible. I need to learn how to make pasta and pickles and do Japanese woodworking! Audio-installation is not even on the list of skills I'd like to acquire.

That's where the brilliant suitcase record player comes in: I had it playing records within a 30-seconds of opening the box! There's one cord! (Okay, there's a USB cord, too, so I can transfer records to digital, but I don't need to worry about that anytime soon.) I can pick it up and move it around the apartment based on whim! It's sooooo small but the speakers can easily drown out my neighbors' parties! This is the future of audio, at least for me.

Images: 1. & 2. Tess Wilson, 3. & 4.allunique, 5. Urban Outfitters via Apartment Therapy

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