Sullivan Flooring Service

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Feel clean beneath your feet. It seems that the Irish are moving in on the flooring niche. Sullivan Floors has been around for 35 years, and if you call them up you will find yourself talking with a bright, helpful person with an accent as thick as syrup. Not that that has anything to do with floors.

One of the best fixer uppers an apartment can have is to have the floors sanded and repolyurethaned. Althought it is messy, it is quickly done and usually doesn’t cost much more than a painting a room. With newer, water based poly’s multiple coats can even be put on in one day, thereby speeding up the process even more.

We have used Sullivan floors and like them. They provide free estimates (call 2-3 days in advance), and can book your floor with one week’s notice. Rates run around $2-$3 a square foot for typical sand and poly. This puts your average 10×10 living room at @ $250. Slán abhaile. MGR