A Summer Destination: Do You Pool?

A Summer Destination: Do You Pool?

Laure Joliet
Jul 21, 2009

Oh how we wanted to have a pool in the backyard while growing up. We wanted one so badly. The next door neighbors had a pool... a pool they absolutely never seemed to use. We would stare longingly until one day they invited us over to use it. Then we got to use the pool whenever we wanted. It set the mark high for a summer vacation memory even though other years we had traveled or camped. There was something about not having to leave home and getting to spend all day in a pool that made 1988 a sweet sweet time. Flash forward to today, it seems way to easy to take pools for granted.

It's one of the perks of living in a place that gets as god awfully hot as LA – swimming pools. Abby brought up the idea of borrowing pools from friends and acquaintances to help get through the hot summer. And the thing we always remark when flying into LA during the day (on a hot day) is that with the millions of pools dotting the landscape, no one is ever in them! All that fun splashy time going to waste. We're even guilty of it. In the complex we're living in there's a pool and until about a week ago, we'd never set foot in it despite it being clean and relatively uncrowded.

So this past weekend we made a point of going swimming every day. It was incredibly relaxing and it made time feel like it was slowing down (after a very hectic last couple of months) and the best part was that it didn't cost a thing. Why did it take so long (other than the usual excuse of jobs and being busy) for me to get in there?

So have you made a point of using the pool in your complex/backyard/neighbor's house?

Does anyone have a favorite Hotel Pool or Pool Crashing Story? Or even a favorite pool scene from a movie (Like Valley Girl or Fast Times)?

(Image: Parker Hotel Palm Springs by beachloverpamela)

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