5 Great Places to Upload HD Video

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With prices falling on HD video cameras, more and more folks are interested in ways to share their HD videos. Delighted with the crisp images these new cams produce, a large number of consumers are no longer content to simply choose the most popular service and settle for massive degradation of the video quality. The rising demand for high quality video hosting has caused new players to enter the space and old players to step up their game if they want to stay viable. In this roundup, we will take a look at 5 of our favorite places to upload HD video.

This old standby sticks around for its sheer volume. Accessible from the largest number of platforms and with the largest number of users, YouTube is still the king of the video upload space. Videos are maxed out at 10 minutes long and there is no limit to how many you can upload.

Completely free, with a size limit of 500 MB per video, and with no limit to the number of videos a user can upload, Viddler is worth checking out. A fun thing about Viddler is the ability to record directly to Viddler on the Record page using your web cam.

We love Vimeo. From the design of the site, to the upload and sharing options, Vimeo is hands down our favorite place to upload video. HD videos that are uploaded are stored in H.264, and you have the brilliant option of making them available from download. It makes sharing videos with family members ultra simple and quick. Since the videos on Vimeo are not wrapped in an flv wrapper, and are stored in a Quicktime native codec they play on iPhones, and iPads.The free account is limited to 1 HD video and 500 MB a week. Vimeo Plus costs $59.95 a year or $9.95 a month and includes 5GB per week upload space and unlimited HD uploading and encoding.

Seeking to bring “television quality to the internet,” SmugMug allows Power and Pro users to upload an unlimited number of HD videos. Sadly though, like YouTube, videos are capped at 10 minutes long, making this site not the best way to share that video of your sister’s graduation ceremony. SmugMug has three plans, standard: $39.95/year, power: $59.95/year, and pro: $149.95/year.

Created for professionals, MovieLocker has no limit on file size, allows you to retain complete copyright control, and has an integrated shopping cart so you could make the video that you uploaded available to rent. Available in three flavors, free, freemium and premium, which cost $99 and $499 a month.

What site do you use to upload and share your HD video?

(Images: flickr user Josh Bancroft and Judy Baxter under license from Creative Commons.)