Summertime in the City

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

July is…still Pet Month on AT, but that’s not where the fun stops. Over on AT: New York, there’s all kinds of talk about where Apartment Therapy should launch next. Opinions are strong and hometown pride at its best, so join the madness and cast your vote if there’s a particular city that you would enjoy reading about over all the others.

Thanks, too, for all of the inspired Pet Design entries! Final voting of our fab five entries will take place this week.

Over at our place, we are desperately clinging onto summer, and had a full day yesterday of grilling, swimming, sailing and bocce ball. With August quickly approaching, what are some Chicago things on your to-do list (we’re talking about the fun to-do’s here) that you’ll absolutely kick yourself if you don’t get to by the time autumn hits?