Sunken Tubs: Retro Chic or Dated Disasters?

Sunken Tubs: Retro Chic or Dated Disasters?

Bethany Adams
May 23, 2011

My aunt and uncle used to live in a lovely home which they built in the early '80's. Among the many timely design features it had was a sunken jacuzzi tub in the master bedroom. As a little kid, I thought this was the height of cool…

… but when I spotted this sunken tub at Marie Claire Maison I had the exact opposite reaction.

My older and less flexible self wonders how exactly you get yourself in and out without an industrial handrail. Also, how do you keep small children or your Roomba from taking the plunge?

Besides those concerns, I'm just not sure it's a design look that I could go for — I think I'll always be reminded of my aunt and uncle's 1980's bath when I see a sunken tub, and the 1980's are a hard decade to shake in terms of design associations. I can't even look at glass block without shuddering!

What about you? I'm curious to hear from those of you who actually own a sunken bathtub and wouldn't have it any other way--what do you love about it? Is there anyone out there with a regular old bathtub who would trade it in a heartbeat for a sunken one? Let us know!

Image Credit: Marie Claire Maison

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