10 Sun-Loving Plants

10 Sun-Loving Plants

Kim R. McCormick
Apr 22, 2013

If you're looking for plants that want to soak up the summer sun as much as you do, here are 10 for your consideration.

1. Who doesn't like the smell of rosemary?
2. Day lilies are flowering perennials that don't need much maintenance.
3. Yarrow is a hardy, medicinal perennial that blooms from mid-summer into fall.
4. Climbing clematis vines like full sun, but keep the roots shaded or covered with mulch. Varieties include bushy and tall sizes and colors such as white, mauve, and purple. 
5. Cleome is a unique-looking annual that will add height variety to a garden plot.

6. Peppery nasturtium flowers are edible!
7. Drought-tolerant blue rug juniper works well as a groundcover along edges and on slopes.
8. Moss roses (portulaca) come with pretty, multicolored flowers, and the plants do well in containers or beds on even the hottest, driest days.
9. Part of the amaranth family, celosia comes in bold colors and interesting shapes. Celosia argentea (pictured) flowers and leaves are edible.
10. Fast-growing sweet potato vine can do well in shade, but it will thrive in sunny window boxes or other planters.

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