Super (Cat) Grass: Please and Distract Your Feline Friends

Super (Cat) Grass: Please and Distract Your Feline Friends

MaryAnne Petrella
Jun 27, 2011

As any cat owner knows, our four-legged-companions often have a penchant for plants, so when I wanted to ensure that the lovely floral centerpieces I had just created would stay un-chewed and intact I decided the best approach would involve a bit of manipulation, and a lot of grass.

There is an amazing patch of tall grass growing alongside the chain link fence of an abandoned lot in our neighborhood. As soon as the frost is gone the green shoots ups and the stalks, with their inch thick blades, reach anywhere from 4 to 7 feet high. On many occasions I have clipped a bunch of the stuff, knowing just how happy the cats would be with the harvest. Happy, and distracted. As expected, my plan to throw the little darlings off the scent of the formal floral arrangements proved successful. I think the key is that this super grass appears only as a treat, every once in a while. It is more pleasing to their palate than my peonies, and since I make a point of placing the vase of blades upon the floor for easy access, they tend to take advantage!

A few side notes:

Do use a heavy, indestructible-as-possible vase to deter tippage.
Don't be surprised if the price you pay for creating this distraction appears as a regurgitated gift the next day!

(Image: MaryAnne Petrella)

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