Super Easy Design Remedies for Boring Rental Bathrooms

Super Easy Design Remedies for Boring Rental Bathrooms

Adrienne Breaux
Jun 15, 2015

Have a boring rental bathroom emergency? Don't know where to start? Or what design element to use to punch up your space that won't take a lot of work or be permanent? There are five design elements you can use in a boring rental bathroom that won't ever let you down. The trick? Try and use just one at a'll create a bold statement that looks intentional (and will be easier and more affordable to implement).

Large-scale pattern

Whether in a bath mat, a shower curtain or even a towel, the key here is to go for large-scale pattern when you can. While pattern of any kind in a boring rental bathroom will spice it up, choosing something large scale will feel more intentional and a large scale (especially if your rental bathroom is small) will add a boost of drama and help grab attention from design details in the space you don't love.

Really loud towels

Towels are one of the best canvases in a bathroom. Easy to replace and change out as the seasons and your whims evolve, they are available in a ton of colors, textures, patterns and sizes. The trick here is to not just plop one bold towel so that it feels out of place, but rather to partner it with another in a balanced composition. Or perhaps a stack of rolled ones. Use them as a design elements and you'll find yourself displaying them as such and adding interest.

A collection of bath-related bottles

In small bathrooms, there's not a lot of room for your stuff. Sometimes you've got to keep your stuff — hair gel, lotions and potions — out in the open. Why not convert it from clutter to an eye-catching collection? Switch out your stuff into nicer looking bottles (or splurge on really nice brands that have packaging you're into) and arrange them nicely. In a bathroom where there's not much else happening, this arrangement can act as a design element.

Unexpected art

Though some might argue that any art in the bathroom is unexpected, what we mean is art that perhaps stands on its own. That doesn't have any color or design elements in common with the rest of your space. That maybe is a little bit too small or a little bit too big. That has a subject matter that is particularly tongue-in-cheek in the context of a restroom.

Paint something you own

If you can't paint the walls because you rent, find (or install) something that's yours that you can paint a bold color. From something small like a medicine cabinet or storage box to something bigger like a furniture piece (if you've got the room for it) you can create a dramatic look in a boring rental bathroom by surprising with painted on color.

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