Super Stylish Sims Rooms

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I can totally relate to the creator of these digital rooms — the first time I played The Sims in early 2000, the part of the gameplay that totally got me hooked was the complete freedom to design and decorate your virtual home. For an interiors addict, it was the ultimate digital sandbox, full of fun and possibilities.

Now, back then, the furniture, flooring and finishes choices were pretty much limited to what came shipped with the game, before the multitudes of user generated content were available. Today, the sky is the limit.

I ran across these amazing digital rooms created by a long time Sims user — one who I’d say definitely deserves some kind of special designation as “Digital Decorator Extraordinare” or something along those lines. The level of detail in these rooms is unbelievable and the concept is so interesting – when freed from all constraints having to do with room size, budget and usability issues, what does your dream room look like?

Selena Macintosh published her ultra creative Sims rooms at Persephone Magazine – enjoy the samples above and check lots out more: The Sims Made Me a Great Decorator | Persephone Magazine