Supercharge the Season: Setting Summertime Resolutions

Supercharge the Season: Setting Summertime Resolutions

Christine Lu
May 25, 2015

The bright light of the spring and summer sun and longer daylight hours always inspire me to open the windows, dust out the corners and tackle my long-term to-do lists around the house. I've made a list of resolutions for this summer and I'm excited to take them on!

  1. Recycling: I'm embarrassed to admit that we've lived in our house for a few years now and we still haven't set up our recycling. This is on the top of my list!
  2. Get to Know the Neighbors: We are on friendly terms with neighbors on either side of us, but we've noticed that a couple of new families have moved into houses on our street. I think a great start to the summer would be to introduce ourselves, especially since we are likely to see them out and about more this season.
  3. Throw a Summer BBQ: Whether it be for our closes friends or for our neighbors that we want to get to know better, planning to throw at least one big party will be a fun way to try new recipes, make those introductions and have something to look forward to.
  4. Plant Potted Vegetables: I'm not quite yet at the point of planting a garden but I've been doing some research on small scale indoor gardening, maybe in a few pots. I'm thinking of getting a few herbs to start and maybe peppers and tomatoes. This website has been helpful in getting ideas on how to start.
  5. Deep Clean the Oven: I've been meaning to do a thorough clean of my oven, especially after a long winter of roasting and baking - it has been a workhorse and it deserves some tender loving care. I'm going to use this tutorial on how to clean an oven without harsh chemicals as a guide.
  6. Organize and Declutter Pantries: I use my pantries every single day and I am constantly telling myself that I am going to re-organize everything one of these days. One of those days is going to happen in the next few weeks! My goals include donating unused appliances, figuring out the best way to stack tupperware and hang all possible pots and pans. This round up of how to store pots and pans should help and Tara's post about tackling her own tupperware pantry is providing additional inspiration.
  7. Go High and Low: Although I tidy up everyday and attempt a more thorough cleaning each week, I rarely get to the really high places and low places in my house. This includes ceiling corners, the tops of tall bookcases and cabinets and baseboards. I'm planning on doing a sweep of these areas to dust and clear out the literal cobwebs. I'm going to try this tip for the baseboards.
  8. Deep Clean the Carpets: I'm actually pretty excited to rent a steam cleaner and get a deep clean of our carpets upstairs. Doing a deep clean with a steam cleaner always makes the house feel brand new and these warmer months feel like the perfect time to do it. Here is a step-by-step guide, if this is on your list as well.
  9. Sort Bathroom Products: Before I realize it, the toiletries and makeup in my bathroom have accumulated to ridiculous amounts. I recently did a scan of everything in there and realized that many of them are items that I never or rarely use. Makeup should not hang around for more than a year, so I have plenty of things that I need to throw out.
  10. Get Fresh Flowers Every Week: The older I get, the more I appreciate the simple luxury of having fresh flowers each week. It doesn't have to get super expensive or fancy (Trader Joe's has wonderful flowers, especially during this season, for $5-$7 dollars), and I find that it's definitely worth it. It brightens up the home and I find myself tidying up more so that the space around it is always befitting a vase of fresh flowers.

Do you have any summertime resolutions? Please share!

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