This Mobile App That Lets You Exercise Outdoors Without Leaving the House

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There’s no shortage of fitness apps that promise to motivate you to get moving. There are a lot of virtual workouts, but sometimes there’s no substitution for getting outside. Or is there? The new virtual reality fitness app Supernatural might be an exception to that rule. 

Supernatural is a unique fitness app that combines the power of current-generation virtual reality headsets with fun workouts that promise to never get boring or easy, no matter how many times you do it. 

When used with a virtual reality headset, Supernatural allows you to take part in 360-degree dynamic virtual workouts that are set in picturesque real-world locations and adapt to your fitness level. Every workout is choreographed to music from major artists like Kendrick Lamar and Lizzo. Workouts also feature a dynamic and upbeat voiceover from your own virtual personal trainer. Supernatural is subscription-based and promises users new workouts regularly.

Speaking to The Verge about the idea behind Supernatural, co-founder Chris Milk compares it to designing a sport rather than a workout app. “There’s ways to get exercise that are fun that existed in the world before virtual reality,” Milk says, “Things like skiing or snowboarding or mountain biking or playing soccer with your friends. But you don’t think of those things as exercise necessarily, or fitness. You think of them as sports.”

Supernatural costs $19 per month—not cheap for a fitness app. However, if gym memberships are on pause for the foreseeable future, you might find it worth the expense.