Easy DIY: Use Microwaved CDs as Driveway Markers

Easy DIY: Use Microwaved CDs as Driveway Markers

Taryn Williford
Oct 11, 2010

Do you live somewhere with lots of rainy or foggy weather? Do you have a hard time navigating your long driveway? Do you love two-step DIY projects as much as we do? Well, here you go: Turn old CDs into driveway reflectors with a microwave and a nail.

A CD that's been zapped in the microwave for 5 seconds

Driveway reflectors are cheap, but junked CDs are cheaper. Take advantage of your CDs' reflective surface and re-purpose them in your yard.

Puzzledd at Instructables suggests using old disks as reflectors in 44 Fanciful Uses for Dud Discs (Check out the whole list if you have a second).

It's a one-step project (Step 1: Nail CD to post). But if you've got an extra 5 seconds, you can get a better reflector by quickly microwaving the CD first.

WARNING: Microwaving a CD is a dangerous activity, and should only be done under controlled conditions by a responsible adult. You risk killing your microwave and burning yourself by doing this.

But if you are careful and follow these instructions from WikiHow, you can create a super-reflector, thanks to the distinctive pattern that emerges on a zapped CD.

Via Instructables

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