Supon’s Exotic Backyard Escape

No part of Supon’s Vibrant Kalorama Oasis is void of personality, but his back deck may be one of the most unique, stand-out elements. Complete with a reflecting pool, a Buddha, and a bar, it’s a spot fit for relaxation, reflection, and partying too.

Supon explained that the deck used to be filled with plants that required constant watering, but he wanted a space that was serene, fun, and low-maintenance. In his house tour, Supon explains that he wanted the turn the outdoor deck “into something exotic, serene, and altogether my own. It has a spa-like feel and is also a great place to entertain. To me, it serves as a comfortable sanctuary, reminding me of my [Thai] heritage.”

To achieve the look and feel he desired, Supon created an open deck plan, and placed a shallow, tiled reflecting pool in the center— perfect for dipping your feet into on hot days, as well as for holding myraids of elegant floating candles at evening soirees. The colorful blossoms and cocktail-eque umbrellas— which he snapped off the Pier 1 clearance rack— add to the playfulness of the space, while the statue of Buddha and the pool’s blue tiles give off a sense of calm.

The vibrant feel of the deck reflects that of the interior: restful and light-hearted both at once. In case you missed it, check out his full house tour: Supon’s Vibrant Kalorama Oasis.

Images: Leah Moss

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