Surefire 6P LED Flashlight

Today we follow up our blogger tryout posts with Campbell’s 2nd sample submission, this one focusing on a small sized LED flashlight for both home and travel. Be sure to check out his previous Altec Lansing speaker post and tell us what you think.

Product: Surefire 6P LED Flashlight
Price: $80.00
Rating: Strong Recommend*

The humble flashlight, a tool of necessity and little thought. When the sun goes down and coincidentally, the power fails (I live in the summer storm prone Midwest) the first thing I reach for is a reliable light. What distinguishes an excellent flashlight from a $ 5.00 Ace Hardware special? In my book, it is it’s freakishly bright white light!

LED flashlights are nothing new to the consumer market. The wide variety means that finding a truly standout light is nearly impossible. Surefire tactical lights are considered by many military and law enforcement operators to be the most reliable flashlights in rough conditions. Surefire’s reputation has been built over the past 30 years, with their lights known for two characteristics: rugged build quality and bright blinding light.

Each Surefire flashlight is machined from a solid piece of aluminum with extremely high precision. The flashlight I am reviewing is the Surefire 6P LED. The 6 Series flashlights are one of the longest manufactured lights Surefire makes. Lightweight, but solid , the aluminum tube is powered by CR123 lithium batteries. While it might seem like a useless fact, the batteries are extremely expensive if not purchased through Surefire. Lithium batteries are used because of their higher voltage and compact size means that Surefire can build a small yet very bright light.

Technical Specs:

  • Light Output: 80 Lumens

  • Length: 5.20″
Diameter: 1.25″
Weight: 5.2 ounces
  • Batteries: 2CR123

Performance: The 6P is inarguably the brightest flashlight for its size that I have ever used. When compared to my larger Maglight, the 6P outshines it handily. The light’s diminutive size makes it eminently portable and quick to deploy, perfect for emergency situations and traveling.

All of the performance and quality does come at a price; the Surefire is an $80 flashlight. Thankfully, the quality of the light justifies such a high price through its performance. 
The flashlight operates with a twist on tail cap or a depression of the momentary on/off switch. In a shine-off, the Surefire bested the 4 D cell Maglight and is still small enough to fit in your jean pocket. The only negative that I have found with the light is that its battery life is only around 8 hours of continuous usage. Around the house, this is a non-issue, but if you are to spend time in the woods, I would suggest taking backup batteries.

Overall: I was seeking a small pocketable light that would light the way to the bathroom when the power is out, and I found something that could certainly do that as well as blind any intruder. The Surefire 6P LED flashlight is the best I have ever used and arguably the best built, and I have little qualms about recommending this light for around the house. The price is high, but I have little doubt that the 6P could be used for over 20 years.

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