Surefire Ways to Make Your House Feel More Like Home

Surefire Ways to Make Your House Feel More Like Home

Dabney Frake
Nov 18, 2014

A home is more than four walls and a roof under which you lay your head at night, shovel down breakfast in the morning, and store your stuff. The important part is loving the space, and how it makes you feel. If your space lacks soul, explore some ways to add some warmth, beauty and individuality.

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The Right Lighting: Lighting is one of the quickest ways to change the feeling of a room. If you are only using your overhead lights, you are missing an important part of the equation. By having different levels and placement, you can create an atmosphere that's comfortable and cozy for guests to relax in.

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Well-Chosen Artwork: What you have on the wall should reflect who you are, what you like, and what makes you happy every day. The artist or the source is less important than how it makes you feel. Plus, artwork adds a different layer to your walls — color and interest. Don't forget that non-traditional things can be stand in for art as well. When framed and/or put in a place of honor, an instrument, postage stamps, or shoes also show your personality.

Fill It With People: The most important thing in the home are the memories you create while living there. If you work at all hours of the night, and only return home to sleep, then those warm fuzzy feelings about your abode are few and far between. Similarly, open your doors to others and invite them to share your space.

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Personalized Details: All of us have lived in boring, blank boxes at some point — whether it’s a dorm room, or a standard builder-grade home, that aren’t perfect, might be temporary, or are just we were are at that moment in our lives. Even with standard and predictable finishes, it’s easy to tweak your space enough to make it reflect your personal taste. If you are renting, stick to swapping out hardware or painting furniture. These needn’t be large massive changes, but small tweaks and choices that make you smile and feel good about where you are.

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