Crazy Finds in New Homes
Jun 28, 2012
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There's that saying, If these walls could talk! But in some ways, walls can talk! Whether it's old wallpaper or the shadows of art that's been removed, homes hold a million stories. That's never so obvious as when you're moving in, especially when the previous tenants have left behind an artifact or two.
People have found some strange and creepy things in homes they've just moved into, from antique children's shoes to secret passageways to intact Victorian kitchens.
Have you ever found anything or left something behind?

We've heard some wacky stories. One family was exploring their new attic and discovered an old, tattered teddy bear that looked many decades old. A couple we know found false paneled cabinets in their dining room, with the name, date, and newspaper obituary of the house's first owner tucked inside. Another couple found "God loves you" and "Praise the Lord" on every beam in their basement — turns out their new home was an old church rectory! The owner of an old home found a stash space with an old fashioned board game secreted away since 1896. Another homeowner found a hidden room in the house's Victorian turret, perfect for a child's hideaway.

There is something so romantic about a home doubling as a kind of scavenger hunt for new tenants. Some people opt to create that effect on purpose, like the New York family who commissioned a young architect to turn their apartment into a Da Vinci Code-type puzzle to crack. In some cases, of course, the story is more nuanced, like hidden tunnels built in preparation for some kind of escape…

Have you ever found anything? Would you ever leave anything behind?

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