Survey: Do You Buy Bulk?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Buying in bulk &mdash what does that make you think of? Buying in bulk at Costco, or buying from bulk at your local co-op? It’s funny how the this word can have drastically different connotations. Both types of bulk are ways to ‘save money,’ but one method relies on stock piling on goods while the other means getting only as much as you need. So, which is greener?

Most of us here at Re-Nest are in the camp that less is more &mdash I know I want as little in my house as possible (besides where’s the room for the stuff in a small house?). Buying from bulk means you only buy as much as you need, while buying in bulk means you need a larger amount of money upfront but save in the long run. Additionally, sometimes buying in bulk means less packaging and less emissions because less trips are required of you and the distribution truck. But, buying from bulk bins saves on packaging in the sense that you can bring your own reusable to containers to fill up with.

In times like this we are all looking for ways to save money, but stay green. How have you responded to this &mdash buy from bulk, or buy in bulk?