Survey: Do You Pencil or Type Things In?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In the past, a new year brought a spanking new day planner. As soon as the clock would strike midnight we would whip out our new calendar and start plugging in events, birthdays, and to-dos. It was like the fresh, crisp pages were tangible proof that we were entering a new year with new possibilities. These days though we do all our scheduling via our Blackberry and iCal. When the clock struck 12 this year we didn’t have a crisp new layout to look at. It looked just like last month, just with a few less items filled in. Bah humbug. Don’t let us get into our gripes with boring old desktop calendars.

Walking into stationary and gift stores that carry day planners has made us consider, multiple times, going back to analog. But that would be silly, no?

If you’ve got time in your schedule, let us know why you plan the way you do.

Have a favorite planner? Desktop calendar?