Survey: Got A Texting Addiction?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

After hearing about Dena Christofferson’s daughter’s little texting problem, ending in a whoppin’ $4756 monthly bill that accumulated after her record-breaking 10,003 outbound SMS texts (in addition to her 10,000 inbound), we just had to throw this one out there. Any readers out there have a texting addiction they’d be willing like to share? Don’t worry, we’ll accept third person versions.

Personally, we find the rates that phone company charge for SMS text simply ridiculous, so we try to avoid it whenever we can. Seriously, does it really cost them $0.10-0.20 per text message sent?

Anyway, we’d love to hear any horror stories of texting gone out of control, requiring someone to intervene (or in the case with Dena Christofferson’s daughter – permanent hammer action to the phone). Kind of reminds of me of that mildly entertaining show, Intervention. Ah yes, this would make a great episode..

[Image: Moriza]