Survey: Have You Bought Your Art on the Street?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re obsessed with the absolutely booming art market that flourishes under our noses in SoHo. There are so many artist selling their works on the street and selling, selling, selling – and not just to tourists.

So much of it is not our style that we had never considered the West Broadway market a viable option for us, but after a number of clients have purchased there (clients we respect!), we have been forced to reconsider. After all, the price points are much better and the artist are often interesting and kind folk. But what about talent?

One artist we’ve come to know a little bit is a young woman named Kristina Nazarevskaia (one of her paintings is above.) We went to meet her and now get images of new work by email regularly along with invites to see her work in places other than West Broadway. She’s a one-woman marketing genius.