Survey: Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Survey: Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Heather Blaha
Apr 7, 2008

Ask us if we believe in ghosts and we'd probably say no. BUT, we love a good story, we get caught up in others' experiences (and suspend our disbelief), and after recent events at home, don't think it's such an out-there concept after all. The idea of ghosts doesn't scare me. It interests me, but I suppose I would just rather question versions of "what happened" and offer possible rationalizations than be a full-on ghost believer. BUT...

...after hearing footsteps (no, it wasn't an intruder or the house settling) while alone in my new, old bungalow, I found out both my husband and my painter heard the same thing, each in isolated incidents. We were all embarrassed to say anything. But after joking around and it coming out that we all had identical experiences, a friend of ours who is a Sufi healer decided she would cleanse and bless our new home. We graciously accepted the offer and figured positive energy can never hurt.

Without telling her of where things felt "off" and where we had all heard what seemed to be footsteps, she nailed it. She climbed the stairs and at the top said that the air felt thick and unsettled.

After "blessing" every corner of the house while burning a sap concoction hundreds of years old, we felt renewed and excited.

So, the big question:

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