Survey: Having a Yard Sale - To Price or Not to Price?

Survey: Having a Yard Sale - To Price or Not to Price?

Kyle Freeman
Jun 5, 2009

We're gearing up for a multi-seller yard sale this weekend and one of the questions up for debate is whether to price each item or not. What do you do when you have a yard sale? When you're a yard sale customer are you less inclined to buy something if it's unpriced?...

We confess to falling in the "not pricing" camp. In part it's because we have so much stuff to sell that it sounds horrifically tedious to price it all. The other reason we're not fans of pricing is because one of our favorite aspects of yard sales is the incidental community building that can happen. And it seems like you're more likely to engage in an interesting conversation if a question has to be asked (e.g. what's the price?) as opposed to money just being given automatically. Granted this could just be a convoluted argument to rationalize our desire to not price our stuff.

(Image: Flickr member Karl Hab licensed under Creative Commons)

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