Survey: How Do You Keep Your Notes Organized?

Survey: How Do You Keep Your Notes Organized?

Anthony Nguyen
Nov 3, 2008

We're looking to tidy up our day to day workflow this month. The more organized you are, the more comfortable you'll feel knowing you have everything you need at your fingertips. For me, I've just recently made a decent attempt to switch from Post-It's to synchronizing iPhone notes with my desktop in an attempt to reduce deforestation (it takes just one person to start a movement, right?). More talk and the survey, after the jump.

Okay, I'm not suggesting everyone sacrifice their Post-It's for a phone sync system. For one, the software I tried looking for quite frankly sucked major balls (especially those Motorola Tools, yuck!). The software itself cost extra money, which I found ludicrous, and the CD came outdated and required about 4 restarts and 6 update packages later until it finally reached the proper functional state. There, I could attempt to make it sync with my Outlook, but ran into issues with outdated certificates. Basically - if you have a Razr V3, don't bother. You'll just end up with a migraine, like me.

The iPhone system worked out pretty well, thought not without a few hiccups with different calendars (Google, Outlook, etc). Other third party services required registration and subscriptions. I was just looking for something that would just run in the background, sync when I connected my iPhone, and didn't require extra fees.

In the end, it big hassle to finally get all of it working the way I wanted it to. I found the freeware software iPhone Notes pretty much did it for me and so far, it's worked out rather smoothly. The thing is... I still have Post-It's around my desk because I realized I have this compulsive habit of needing to take my notes by hand... but I guess that's something I'll get over given some time.

Now, your turn.

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