How Do You Rent Movies Today?

How Do You Rent Movies Today?

Anthony Nguyen
Feb 11, 2010

In a day in age where a format can go from complete ubiquity to complete bust in a matter of months (such as the all too familiar epic HDDVD vs. Bluray battle), our means of acquiring movies have never been so diverse... nor chaotic. These days, we're surrounded by kiosks in our grocery stores, bombarded by media in the mail, and injected with countless waves of HD streaming options. So, in order for us to craft even more relevant articles in the future, we ask:

We've given Amazon VOD, Netflix, PSN Video Store, and iTunes a go with digital movie purchases, but we've yet to find an excellent provider that tops out at selection, quality, and convenience. Redbox certainly rules in quality and convenience, but the selection can be a little bit better at times. On the other hand, Netflix is pretty good across the board, but there are times when the streaming chokes up a bit online.

All in all, we feel the available options today are leagues of above our exceptions a few years back. Even if it all goes digital within a few years, we feel most users would be more than happy to support the movie industry if they provide even more convenient, quality services that deliver valuable content at an affordable price right into our living rooms.

The future's sure lookin' bright for us movie-buffs! What do you guys think?

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