Survey: How Do You Watch Movies These Days?

Survey: How Do You Watch Movies These Days?

Anthony Nguyen
Mar 2, 2009

While our readers have made it clear that they're pretty on the fence about viewing cable TV on the Internet, the movie industry's approach to curb illegal downloads has been pretty diverse when it comes to handing over movie rights to the people. Whether it be Internet-enabled televisions to set-top boxes to streaming your own personal stuff through one of many media servers, it seems like our means of acquiring films these days have become as varied as the movie selections themselves.

Personally, we are still digging the idea of Internet-enabled TVs. They're not mainstream now, but we're pretty sure they will be by the end of 2009. Not only does having a mini-computer built into the TV removes the confusion that came with set-top box setups to begin with, having no set-top box means less clutter. And you know how we feel about clutter. The less, the better.

While Blockbuster has been great to us for all these years, we continue to firmly believe media streaming is the future for high definition distribution. In all likeliness, this includes games as well. Having a new format come out every 2-3 years can become infuriating to collectors who must re-buy entire movie collections in order to keep up with the times.

Why not buy movie rights and let them roll over every technology cycle? Surely, this will create for incentive for collectors to buy more knowing that they'll be able to easily obtain a copy of it in a newer format a few years down the line. Though realistically, it all depends on how quick copyright holders are willing to change their business models to adjust with the times.

Have any ideas or further articulations for improving movie-watching experiences in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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