Survey: How Far Do You Sit From Your Monitor?

Survey: How Far Do You Sit From Your Monitor?

Anthony Nguyen
Jun 1, 2009

Aesthetics and ergonomics rarely go hand-in-hand, as we've found when choosing between traditional versus stylish home office seating options, but we know darn well how important it is to compute at a safe distance in order to protect your neck when you get older. So, before you get your ruler out and check out our guide to proper monitor distancing, take our survey, then see how well you did!

We prefer to stray away from overcomplicated explanations here at Unplggd, so simply use the following as a guide for proper healthy viewing distances for your day-to-day computing:

Your monitor should be about an arm's length away from you. Sitting too close AND too far can cause unnecessary eyestrain and will often lead to "computer neck" or constant squinting.

P.S.: You should sit slightly further back than the recommended arms length if your monitor is 20-inches and above or larger. Additionally, computing in the dark will also increase your chances of eyestrain injury so make sure you turn on a desk light when reading Unplggd at midnight!

Source(s): Healthy Computing Website

(Image: Austin Grade)

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