Survey: Webmail or POPmail?

Survey: Webmail or POPmail?

Sonia Zjawinski
Aug 22, 2008

Since Tuesday we've been dealing with internet issues -- meaning we have none. By sitting just so in a corner of our apartment we've been hijacking someone else's WiFi, but that's no way to live. Speakeasy, our ISP, is on the case -- it turns out that the phone wire they rent from Covad is screwed up and getting them to come over to fix it is as difficult as getting a spam filter that works.

One of the problems with hijacking a stranger's wireless signal is that if you use a POPmail account (meaning you get your mail via an email application like Mail or Eudora) you can usually get your email to download, but for some reason you can't send email. We found out from an IT friend that this is usually the case when you're using someone's internet who's ISP is a large company like Comcast or Optimum Online. These companies insist that you use their SMTP servers to send out mail, which require having a username and password. When you're hijacking you don't really have the privilege of having that info.

Every time we've recounted this sad tale over the past few days we're surprised by the lack of sympathy. Instead our flabbergasted audience asks, "Why are you using POPmail?"

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We've been using POPmail ever since we've had email (1997?) and over the decade we've perfected our mastery of mail programs like Entourage, Eudora, and now Mail. We've set things up just so -- into complicated and multi-tiered folders and subfolders that archive our work emails -- and like a stubborn old man, we refuse to do things any other way.

Sure one of the drawbacks of using POPmail is dealing with sub-par spam filters, but Gmail (which seems to have one of the best spam filters) just doesn't do it for us. Using labels rather than folders doesn't jive with out visual organization. We like using folders because we get off on getting things out of our inbox so it's more manageable.

Hotmail is an absolute joke. The interface is archaic and the spam is ridiculous (set it too high and you miss actual mail, set it too low and your mailbox is inundated). Yahoo! has the same problem.

If you're using Webmail, who are you using and why?

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