Survey: What Habits Can You Green?

Survey: What Habits Can You Green?

Landis Carey
Sep 3, 2010

Earlier this week our survey What's the First Green Habit You Adopted asked readers to share what their earliest green habits were. Responses were great! Many of you answered the question by reminiscing about your childhood—loved it! A few of my favorite responses are below the jump.

Favorite responses to Tuesday's survey:

  • Planting trees
  • Reducing your dependence on plastic
  • Not using plastic straws
  • Making dust rags from old t-shirts
  • Abandoning patterned paper towels
  • Being vegetarian
  • Growing vegetables
  • Turning off lights, even if it was to save money to buy a TV
  • Adoping minimalist attitudes towards material things
  • Repairing your belongings instead of tossing them
  • Cutting-up six pack rings before disposing of them
  • Using low-flow shower heads

While you were thinking about the past, I surveyed friends and family to find out what habits they could improve upon going forward. Here's what they said:

  • Choosing cloth diapers over disposable
  • Switching to organic cleaning products
  • Buying only organic produce
  • Investing in energy-efficient windows and ENERGY STAR appliances
  • Biking around town
  • Choosing eco-friendly paint

A few of these "habits" are actually important, expensive purchases. While there are many updates I'd love to make to our home, it takes time and money. If a pile of cash appeared this morning, I would replace our home's windows and W/D unit with more energy efficient models and remove our 15-year-old roof and update it to include attic ventilation. Hopefully, we can make these updates over time (especially the roof), but what can I do right now, beginning today? I can commit myself to two changes: composting and purchasing only for the long-term.

SURVEY: What habit can you commit to greening?

(Image: The SparkLife Blog)

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