Survey: Will the Kindle Replace the Book Shelf?

Survey: Will the Kindle Replace the Book Shelf?

Sonia Zjawinski
Feb 27, 2009

Earlier this week Jon Stewart (yes, we are a little obsessed) invited Amazon's Jeff Bezos on the show to talk about the new Kindle e-reader. In between the loud and jovial laughter by Jeff, Jon brought up a very important point that we wanted to share with you and then get some insight. After Jeff explained what the Kindle is Jon replied, "Books are decidedly low tech, almost comfortably low tech...When I was a kid and I moved, I had no furniture, but I had crates filled with books. It made me feel like my time on this earth, I had accomplished something."

Jon has a point. Books and the shelves they fill are as much a part of one's d├ęcor as the pictures hanging on the wall or the Thomas Paul pillows on one's couch. They, like someone's CD collection, offer up a glimpse into someone's life and personality that you may only find after years of knowing that person. They in essence are the Cliff Notes of a person's life. Plus, you can't really color code your Kindle collection.

On top of that, books are seeped with a tradition. A tradition of curling up on the couch and holding a thick, warm book; flipping the pages and smelling the paper and ink with every turn. With the Kindle you miss all that. Yes, you get in return thousands of books in the smallest footprint ever, but can you really give up the feel of a book?

We for example, and we feel very guilty about this, still buy magazines because we would much rather read off of paper than the computer screen. Plus, we would much rather lay on our side with a folded up New Yorker than have our hot and heavy laptop on our laps -- we've found it's hard to read on your side with a laptop.

Are you planning on buying one of the $360 readers? Do you already own one? Please tell us about your experience or why you've decided not to get one.


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