Susan Cernek of Glamour

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Susan Cernek, Fashion Editor at Glamour, shared her summer style with us:

SUN OR SHADE?: Sun-it allows for more accessorizing.

THE COLOR OF SUMMER 2010: Aquamarine: the color of the sea, sky and the signature blue stripe on a Mister Softee truck.

ALL TIME FAVORITE VACATION LOCATION: A big old house on the Maine coast is the very definition of picturesque. Farther afield, it’s incredibly difficult to have a bad time on the Amalfi Coast.

MOST REFRESHING SUMMERTIME DRINK: A Southampton. Pour tonic over ice, add three dashes of Angostura Bitters and top off with a squeeze of lime.

PLANTED IN THE GARDEN THIS YEAR:Agave, jade and other succulents. (Garden might be a stretch–it’s really more of a windowsill tableau.)

ESSENTIAL SUMMER SONG FOR PARTY PLAYLIST: Beach Fossil’s Daydream, Katrina & the Waves’s Walking on Sunshine and Christopher Cross’s Sailing. (A little soft rock never hurt anyone.)

BEST BOOK IN THE BEACHBAG: I’m not a fan of salt or chlorine-tinged pages (leads to odd, lumpy bindings). Instead, I opt for old New Yorker issues, even though sunscreen and cartoon ink don’t mix. (See photo above)

Thanks, Susan!

To celebrate the start of Summer, Apartment Therapy has asked some of the most stylish people we know to answer a few survey questions on how they enjoy the season.
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