This Sustainable Hovering Cube Home in Sydney Completely Defies Gravity

published May 25, 2018
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Have you ever looked at house and thought, “who on earth tdecided to build that?” You can have this thought process for a number of reason. Maybe the house is a spite house, built on a small sliver of land. Or maybe it is very futuristic home smack dab in the middle of a row of colonial homes. Or, it could just be a house that is literally hovering above the ground!

North Avoca Studio pretty much defies the odds of architecture. The cube home is located in Sydney, Australia and it is extremely unique.

The home was created by Matt Thitchener Architect and the idea behind the home is:

The North Avoca Studio is located in the highest point of a steep site, tucked under a low retaining wall and obscured by hedging. Its placement on site didn’t exactly line up with planning rules – its a great example of a project that required an alternate solution for a better project outcome on the site.
A space for meditation, for work and for play.
It is tucked into just the right place to allow both a level of obscurity from above and an incredible view of the Pacific.

The cube home was sustainably built and it was constructed in the middle of difficult geotechnical conditions. In order to build the home and keep it in place, special footings had to be designed for North Avoca Studio. Materials had to be crane-lifted into the location, as there was a different house in the way of the already restricted path to the home.

The entire roof of the home is what makes it a sustainable building, as it is made up of solar panels. The panels help power the house comfortably, and there is leftover energy as well.

Would you ever be able to live in a house like this?