Swapping Homes: Part 2, The Anxiety Of New

Swapping Homes: Part 2, The Anxiety Of New

Abby Stone
Aug 12, 2011
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The person I'm home swapping with and I had our first conversation yesterday. It was nice to know that she's experiencing the same tumult of emotions as I am. While I'm eager to try out a new place and experience what it's like to live in a different city without making a commitment to a lease or furnishing a new place, there's also anxiety about how even the smallest things in my life will change.

While every move equals change, this one promises to flip my life so that even the most basic errand will become an adventure!

I won't have a car: Living in Los Angeles, my car's like a second home. Correction, it's like a giant purse. Stashed inside of it are things I might need -- makeup, a change of clothes, heels, Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, a second yoga mat -- and which allow me to make spontaneous decisions about what I'm planning to do with my day without having to return home. Now, I'll be relying on public transportation; an extra sweater or a change of shoes will have to fit in my purse.
I own a lot of suede and high heels: Blame it on LA's balmy climate and the fact that I drive almost everywhere. Suddenly weather -- impulsive and capricious weather! -- will impact my life on a daily basis. Time to buy real socks...and a raincoat!
New products: I've got my shampoo, my toothpaste, the cleaning products I like, my round up of usual groceries from Trader Joe's. These won't be available. Curiously enough, Ikea's Frosta stool, no longer available here, is still for sale there!
New measurements: How hot is gas mark 4? How much is a kilo? This is certain to add adventure and mania to my cooking and baking.
New words: Confectioner's sugar is icing sugar; cookies are biscuits; the john is the loo. Plus, I'll be the one with the accent!
New customs: Growing up in New York, I perfected that fine balance between polite and assertive that gets you a cab in the rain; living in Los Angeles, I've learned how to play chicken when merging lanes and to slow down my pace. Now I'll be learning how things are done there.
Right vs. Left: With everythig flipped, even crossing the streets will be an adventure! Of course, my left handed self is looking forward to a place where things are a little more balanced. Although driving may prove to be a bit of a challenge!
Open Plan Living v Separate Rooms: I'm curious how a differently organized space will impact how I entertain or even how I relax.

Image: Lisa G.

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