You Can Buy a Customized Sweater Featuring Your Dog Wearing a Sweater

published Nov 27, 2019
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Credit: Sweater Hound

You’ve heard of dog sweaters, and you’ve heard of human sweaters with dogs on them. But we’ve reached the next evolution: a human sweater featuring a dog wearing a sweater. (Let’s see if this keeps going sweater-ception style à la Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin.) Even better? You can customize the sweater in your dog’s image.

The sweater, which we learned about from People, comes from Sweater Hound, which also sells hoodies, pants, and blankets, all emblazoned with customizable dogs. (And if you’re more of a cat person, a turtle person, or whatever the case may be, you can reach out by email for a customized pet product of your own.)

Credit: Sweater Hound

For each sweater or hoodie it sells, Sweater Hound donates a dog or cat toy to a shelter through the San Francisco SPCA. On its website, the company explains why it has chosen toys in particular: “Shelters often receive donations of food and bedding. But, shelter dogs often lack toys that can help ease loneliness, stave off boredom and provide valuable exercise. Thanks to your support, we can bring some squeak-filled joy into their lives!”

Speaking of joy, the dog-in-a-sweater is not the only dog sweater you can find on Sweater Hound. Other options include dog with bowtie, dog with bowtie and sweater, dog in a superhero cape and mask, and three Christmas options: dog in Santa hat and scarf, dog in Christmas sweater and reindeer antlers, and a classic ugly-holiday-style sweater featuring a pug’s face and the words “BAH HUM PUG.” Just what we never knew we wanted.

To customize your sweater or whatever item of choice, you simply select the item you want and, on the product page, upload a photo of your dog. While you’re at it, we dare you to find a matching sweater for your dog featuring a picture of you wearing a sweater. There’s no better way to show the world you’re BFFs.