Sweet Spot: Creating a Small Quiet Space

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As I was stepping over the umpteenth LEGO on my floor today, I realized I needed a “sweet spot” — a quiet place in my home where I could go for a little rest to replenish and revitalize my mind. Are you looking for a similar space in your home? Find out how to create a “sweet spot” after the jump!

After scouting my home for the perfect nook, I made a list of “sweet spot” essentials that were key for my path to quiet time.

1. Location, location, location.
Picking the right location for your “sweet spot” is very important. It should be a place that is serene and slightly secluded if possible. Filtered sunlight is a plus…or take the whole notion outside!

2. Sit down and relax, literally.
A comfortable chair is another key factor. Upholstered or cushioned seating is favorable — something cozy you can curl up and read your favorite book in.

3. Side note.
Having a side table of some sort is a small added luxury. It’s always nice to have a place to put a glass of wine or lemonade. In a pinch for space? An extended windowsill may do the trick.

4. Soft and fuzzy feeling.
A cozy throw is always a welcome treat, especially on rainy days. Add a small down throw pillow for extra lumbar support.

5. Lighten up.
A lamp or overhead light for nighttime lounging is also a superb idea. You never know what time of time your chance to relax may be attainable.

Do you have your own “sweet spot”? Where is it and what other ideas did you implement? We would love to hear about them!