This Bath Tray’s Unique Feature Will Take Your Baths to the Next Level

published Nov 26, 2020
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Credit: Jill Chen/Stocksy

There’s nothing like a nice, hot bath after a long day. Forget the couch or cloud-like comforter. It’s all about the bathtub, which, when outfitted properly, can be the most relaxing spot in any house. It’s the place to unwind, quiet a restless mind, and let all your troubles float away. As millennial well-versed in the importance of self-care, I’ve come a long way from the days of letting Calgon bubble baths take me away, to more elaborate setups that can include various configurations of books or e-book readers, candles, bluetooth speakers, wine, a cup of tea, and more. Over the years I’ve discovered that the key to keeping it simple is the right bath tray.

Bath trays are typically made of bamboo and come in a variety of designs and sizes, from expandable to having multiple dividers for all of your bath time accessories. But this bath tray from Uncommon Goods has one unique feature that will totally change your bathtime relaxation game: It swivels.

The Swivel Bath Tray is 19 inches long, so a little over a foot and a half. That’s just big enough to hold the essentials like a book and a glass of wine. It attaches easily to the inside or outside of any porcelain bathtub with a suction cup that locks into place for sturdiness. The unique swivel feature comes in handy when you want to get in or out of the tub easily, or simply move around without worrying about knocking your stuff over. This $50 bath caddy allows you to be truly hands-free, which helps you get to that extra level of relaxation.