Synesthesia and Color

one synestheste’s calendar of months

Synesthesia (“joined sensation”) is a rare mixing of senses that occurs in approximately one of every 25,000 people. Sounds might have shapes, colors might have smells. We appeal to all kinds of senses when designing our homes, but what would a synestheste make of the color in your home?

What does the color in your home smell, taste, feel or sound like? Have you attempted to evoke other senses through the color in your home?

Some examples of the way a synestheste might perceive a home:

  • The ringing of a doorbell could resemble a series of triangles.
  • The smell of household cleanser could be blue-green.
  • A yellow wall could be nervous.

For more on Synesthesia, take a look at The Man Who Tasted Shapes.

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